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If you are planning for your own care or a loved one’s future care, it is important that you work with an attorney.  A single flat fee through end of life care provides an assurance that your estate will not be burden with excessive legal costs.  Drafting clear end-of-life care planning documents and supporting communications helps ensure your goals. By working with our firm to create an effective life care plan you can have comfort that your needs and wishes will be taken care of in the event that you become incapacitated or upon your passing.  Contact Lee Ann Torrans.

Protecting Your Assets

Life care planning is also sometimes referred to as disability cost analysis.  A local McKinney Texas elder care attorney can help you develop a plan that addresses any special needs or healthcare costs a person may require later in life or after suffering a chronic illness or traumatic injury. The plan we help you create can cover both cost projections and a plan for responsible management of your finances as well as your wishes for what kind of healthcare and ancillary care you will prefer when you need it.

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Preserve your estate for your family not your attorney.

End of Life Care

One Flat Fee

Social Security Disability

File Appeal

You May Be Eligible for Medicaid Care with Proper Planning

The five year look-back period serves as a way to determine if a person is genuinely in need of governmental benefits for medical assistance.

There are options that will preserve your estate, for example, if another adult lived your home for at least two years before your transfer to a nursing facility, they may be able to receive the home.

Social Security Disability Appeal

Nearly 11 million receive Social Security disability benefits. The average monthly benefit for a disabled worker is $1,130.

About two-thirds of initial claims are rejected, according to agency statistics.The average processing time for a hearing before a judge is a little longer than a year.

If You Have Been Denied Benefits

One Flat Fee

End of Life Care involves emotional decisions. Some are glad to discuss these issues with their families, others prefer to make their decisions in private.

Decisions include extent of care and treatment and financial decisions. One Flat Fee for End of Life Care decisions allows you to know your assets will be preserved for your family - not attorneys.

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