Elder Law in McKinney Texas

U.S. Department of Labor statistics show that the number of women over 65 in the workforce has increased by 40 percent since 1980. By 2020, older adults will make up more than 25 percent of the U.S. labor force.

The rate of people who continue working after they are 65 is 29.9 percent of the 65-69 age group in the United States as compared with 10.5 percent in Europe.

More employers are recognizing the value of seniors […]

Student Loans and Disability

Social Security Benefits and Student Loan Debt Collection
Social Security recipients have benefits with held to compensate for student loan default. The Department of Education uses debt collection methods including offsets from both disability and Social Security benefits.  However, there is a program for “disabled borrowers” which can be accessed through the Department of Education website:  http://disabilitydischarge.com .
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Those who are  disabled and […]

McKinney Texas HIPAA HITECH Readiness

McKinney Texas Attorney HIPAA Omnibus Privacy/Security Rule
HIPAA is the federal medical privacy and security law governing protected health information.  It is important to understand that 46 states also have laws governing protected health information.  Many state laws are more restrictive than HIPAA.
Penalties for Business Associates for violations of HIPAA can be as high as $1.5 Million per year, and can include prison time for the most serious criminal offenses.
There are two components to HIPAA protection, the […]

Lee Ann Torrans: New Trends Changing the Way Lawyers Do Business in Social Security Disability Law

New Trends Changing the Way Lawyers Do Business in Social Security Disability Law

Face to face telecommunication has had a large impact on client conferencing contributing a fundamental convenience for clients suffering from physical and at times mental impairments.  Clients with young children, who care for other family members, have limited transportation options or suffering from PTSD often do not want to leave their homes.  Other clients can take a lunch hour at work and still […]

Facebook and Social Security Disability

Facebook and Social Security Disability
Disability is defined by not being able to participate in certain activities.  A Facebook image which contradicts this claim may be used.  What does your Facebook account say about you?  You might want to view your Facebook account through the eyes of your adversary.  It was the very Facebook account of individuals enjoying life that prompted a closer look and ultimately conviction of fraud.

This is an extreme case that demonstrates the […]

McKinney Lawyer Looks at Living Wills


McKinney Attorney Looks at End of Life Care Decisions

End of life care planning gives you time to reflect upon your choices and make your own plans rather than allowing yoru family to make them for you — and potentially disagree, causing difficulty and hardship in an already difficult situation.

Planning ahead is the responsible course of action for a family.  As you consider whether to be an organ donor and how to distribute your assets with […]

McKinney Texas Living Will Attorney

McKinney Elder Law Attorney Helps You Prepare with

Texas Living Wills and Advanced Directives

In Texas a Living Will is also known as an “Advanced Directive.”

The purpose of the Texas Living Will to allow you to consider your end of life options carefully and communicate them fully regarding your choice for medical care.  Ideally, it is best to discuss the medical treatment your chose before you need treatment with your healthcare professionals and your family.

Later, once you […]