No Charge for Social Security Disability Medical Records

No Charge for Social Security Disability Medical Records

Medical Records for Social Security Disability or Public Benefits
You cannot be charged for  copy of your medical record to support a claim for Social Security or other public benefits.

No provider may charge a copying fee when you request your medical record to support a claim for Social Security, Medicaid or other public benefit based on disability.
Paying for Medical Records not Associated with a Social Security Claim or Other […]

SSA Forms

The SSA provides excellent forms for many sources of information in a disability case.  The problem is that SSA Forms are difficult to find in the thousands and thousands of pages of SSA literature.

This is a good starting point to review those SSA Forms for information as it relates to your disability case.  Generally, but certainly NOT ALWAYS, delivering this information to the SSA in a format to which they are accustomed and which includes […]

Social Security Disability Income – Not Great

A person is disabled under the Act if he or she can’t work due to a severe medical condition that has lasted, or is expected to last, at least one year or result in death. The person’s medical condition must prevent him or her from doing work that he or she did in the past, and it must prevent the person from adjusting to other work.
The average monthly disability benefit for 2015 was $1,165 per […]

SSA Teacher Form for Child

Functional Capacity Disability for Child – Teacher Form

A child’s ability to function can be analyzed by teachers, counselor’s and therapists in addition to Ph. D. psychologists and MD’s or D.O.’s. At ages six to eleven a child’s diagnosed condition must be tied to the child’s functional limitation. Often a teacher is best able to to provide relevant information regarding the child. If teacher completes the form it may be important to have access to at […]

Claim Evaluation

Your Claim Evaluation
1. APPLY FOR DISABILITY AFTER YOU STOP WORKING. If you stop working due to a disability you should apply for Social Security benefits. You have only a narrow window of opportunity for application which typically is five (5) years. However, if there is a gap in your work record this window of opportunity may be reduced to one or two years. This is often a problem with mothers who drop out of the […]

What Is Involved in Appeals Process

What is involved in the Appeals Process?
If you have received a denial of benefits there is a Social Security Disability appeals process. As with any governmental process, there are certain procedures one must follow. According to the Social Security Administration, if you wish to appeal, you must make your request in writing within 60 days of the date of the denial letter. In most states there are four levels of appeal.

They are:

Hearing by […]

Prior to Filing Social Security — Other Options

There are two laws in the United States which help ill patients:

The Family and Medical Leave Act allows employees to take up to 12 weeks off each year for medical or family emergencies — but without pay.
The Americans With Disabilities Act requires employers to make reasonable adjustments for disabled workers, often in the form of additional time off.

Workers with chronic illnesses face chronic uncertainty, forced to worry not only about their health but about their […]