Facebook and Social Security Disability

Facebook and Social Security Disability
Disability is defined by not being able to participate in certain activities.  A Facebook image which contradicts this claim may be used.  What does your Facebook account say about you?  You might want to view your Facebook account through the eyes of your adversary.  It was the very Facebook account of individuals enjoying life that prompted a closer look and ultimately conviction of fraud.

This is an extreme case that demonstrates the […]

Lee Ann Torrans Downloadable RFC Forms

Downloadable RFC Forms:
Adult Affective Disorder Mental RFC
Adult Anxiety Disorder Mental RFC
Adult Bipolar Disorder Mental RFC
Adult Personality Disorder Mental RFC
Adult Substance Abuse Addiction Disorder Mental RFC
Child Anxiety Disorder Mental RFC
Autism Mental RFC
Shizophrenia Psychotic Adult/Child RFC
ADD ADHD Mental Functional Assessment

Lee Ann Torrans

PTSD and Veteran’s Benefits

V.A. Benefit Strategy
Veterans’ disability claims often focus on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.  These ratings are required of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to qualify for appropriate benefits.

An accurate initial PTSD diagnosis is  crucial.  The patient will be rated on a scale of disability.  Often providing the correct information can make a huge difference in being properly rated on the PTSD scale.

There are specific criteria and symptoms that must be evident to determine […]