Are private investigators hired to evaluate your disability claim?  Yes.  Private disability carriers and employers often hire investigators. In 2012, nearly nine million people were receiving monthly SSDI checks. Verifiable accidents and injuries such as amputations, head injuries, broken bones, heart attack, stroke, have been consistent percentage-wise.

Lee Ann Torrans McKinney Social Security Disability Attorney notes, Claims based on mental disorders and back pain together make up more than half of all disability claims, according to a Social Security Administration report from 2011.

Private Investigators Engage In:


Investigative surveillance includes both audio and video. The idea is to record the claimant doing something that they are allegedly unable to do, per doctor’s orders.  This includes carrying groceries, mowing the lawn, gardening, or engaging in sports.  If driving is not permitted pursuant to the doctor’s orders, it is likely you will be videoed driving a vehicle.

Research and Interviews:

Neighbors, colleagues, friends and family are valuable sources of information during a fraud investigation.  Your Facebook and online friends will be the first target.

Background Checks:

An unusual history of workers’ compensation, disability claims and litigation.

Financial Evidence:

The claimant, his attorney, his doctor and perhaps even the presiding judge may all be part of a network benefiting from SSDI fraud.

Check your credit report for unusual or unexplained access.  You may ( or may not ) have authorized your employer to access your credit report.  Check all carriers and Lexis as well.

You may be acting against doctor’s orders for good reason such as you MUST carry your groceries, there is no one to do that for you.  Remember, engaging in these activities not only is not good for your health, if you doctor has ordered you not to engage in designated activities, you may be recorded and that recording employed as a basis to deny your benefits.