THESE ARE THE FORMS I USE – THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE AND INTENDED TO SUPPLEMENT YOUR PARTICULAR FACTUAL SITUATION ONLY – It is crucial you educate yourself on the Social Security Regulations that define and govern impairments prior to preparing this form for review. Absolutely, this form should be modified to address the specific impairment as identified in the SSA Listings of Impairments of Adults.

Download Adult General RFC Form Here:

Adult RFC Physical Form – General in PDF

Link to the SSA Listings of Disabilities and track your specific disability in this form. Modify the form to reflect your condition as identified in the SSA Listings.

Listings of Disabilities – post and explanation.

Ask your treating physician to fill out the RFC Form for the Social Security Administration – this is the only way they can track how your impairment creates a disability that impairs your ability to work.

Take the Residual Functional Capacity Form to your examination with you.  Make several copies.  One, ask the receptionist place the form in your file – if your form is lost there will be another copy for the doctor.  A second RFC form copy should be delivered to the physician’s assistant, and a third hand delivered to the physician.

While your medical records must be provided at no charge to you, the RFC form may have a fee associated with it which you will be required to pay.

Doctor’s do not particularly like to fill this out so be prepared to follow through and ask when you may pick it up.  Pick it up yourself or leave a self addressed stamped envelope for the doctor’s staff to return the completed RFC form to you.  Do not have the physician send this to the Social Security Administration.

If you have an attorney, take the completed form to them – and your attorney should have tailored a form for your specific disabilities and their impact upon your life.  You attorney should not have used a blanket form.

Getting a completed RFC form is yet another hurdle which may be difficult but it is one about which you must be diligent and conscientious.  DOCTORS DO NOT LIKE FILLING THESE OUT.  NO ONE LIKES GOVERNMENT PAPERWORK.   Just be patient and kind and do your best.