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Aid and Attendance Benefits

Senior veterans are eligible for a benefit known as Aid and Attendance.  Medical expenses such as home care and assisted living are covered for any veteran who is 65 or older and served 90 days or more of active duty, this also applies to their surviving spouses.   To qualify a physician must affirm the veteran or veteran’s spouse requires assistance in order to be eligible.

A veteran living alone is eligible for $21,456 annually and for married veterans the amount is 1,788 a month are tax free and paid directly to the veteran or surviving spouse.  Also these benefits are retroactive to the date of application and last for the rest of their lives.  Aid and Attendance benefits can be complicated to receive with only twenty percent of veterans receiving them.  The VA is restricted from sharing information on the program.

An RFC form could be helpful as your physician addresses your needs of Aid and Attendance.

While this is not a social security benefit it does apply to veterans and their spouses over 65 years of age.

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