At least 79% of first-time applicants for SSDI are denied.

The applicant then has 60 days to appeal – with a wait time as long as two years an appellate review.

During that time the applicant will have no medical insurance and no money coming in.  Many applicants have died during the time for lack of health insurance.

While medical records for SSDI patients should be provided at no cost pursuant to law, patients then must engage in follow-up treatment and care, including tests, descriptions, and/or therapy. Often a mentally ill person simply cannot participate in this extensive regime of demands.

For those applicants with a legitimate disability, who have obtained the medical records, the MULTIPLE RFC FORMS at MULTIPLE STAGES OF THE PROCESS AND FROM MULTIPLE HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS for SSDI there is a six-month waiting period before completing and submitting the application.

Once the application is submitted the wait is then on average nine to 18 months.

 Social Security Disability Intended To Help

With the advanced in age of Boomers two working Americans support one person receiving benefits. Thirteen percent of citizens are 65 or older – and that number grows daily. By 2030 estimations are that 20% of the population could be over 65. The number of recipients increases steadily while the number of working supporters decreases.

Lyndon B. Johnson began Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) as part of his 1965 Great Society initiative to provide income supplements to people who physically are restricted from, or unable to, work because of a notable disability. The idea was to provide a safety net for those who want to work, but cannot.

SSDI could do a better job of accelerating hearings, providing care during the waiting time and educating and retraining the workforce for gainful employment.

McKinney Texas Social Security Office

While it is important to note the limited hours at the McKinney Texas Social Security Office, once there, what you will find is a much, much less crowded office than in larger metropolitan areas.

The earlier you arrive the the less crowded, and the shorter the wait.  I have found this to be true at all Social Security Disability Offices.

McKinney Social Security Office Texas