Lee Ann Torrans Veterans Benefits Attorney McKinney, TexasSocial Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)  are governed by the same rules for eligibility.  The claims are evaluated in the same fashion and by the same rules.

The difference is that SSI Supplemental Security Income has a limit on an individual’s assets for eligibility.  The limit in terms of assets is $2,000.00.  If a claimant’s assets are in excess of this amount, the claim will be automatically denied and a medical evaluation will not be conducted.

Since 1976, Social Security has administered two disability programs: Social Security disability and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). All of the above information applies to both programs…except for the fact that SSI is a need based program that is not based upon insured status and an individual’s earnings do not determine the disability benefit amount they receive each month, and from year to year.

Monthly Maximum Benefits SSI

SSI maximum monthly benefit amounts are set each year by the Social Security Administration. And the actual amount an individual is able to receive <em>is affected by their living arrangements (household) and income. Additionally, some states offer subsidies that increase what an SSI beneficiary might receive each month while other states provide no additional subsidies.

Social Security disability is a federal disability program that has uniform rules and regulations which determine factors of entitlement, how medical decisions are processed, and how benefit amounts are determined.

Social Security uses state disability agencies (usually called DDS, or disability determination services) to make their medical determinations, and all state disability agencies use the same disability handbook titled “Disability Evaluation Under Social Security. ”

Social Security determines what an individual’s insured status and benefit amount will be, based upon an individual’s yearly earnings prior to the onset of their disability (when they became unable to work). All states determine SSD in the same fashion.  Social Security disability beneficiaries are able to move from state to state without affecting their Social Security disability benefits.