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Comorbidity Bi-Polar Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder

Bi-Polar Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder

Neuropsychopharmacology, 2011, Volume 36 .  Wuerzburg, Germany.

Both attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and bipolar disorder have been found to possibly be located in the same genetic region known as the 4p16 region.  I a study published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology, a total of 513 in-and outpatients affected with adult ADHD were studied.  There were 536 controls and 170 nuclear families with 249 children affected with ADHD.

The study found that co-morbidity between bi-polar […]

ADD/ADHD Child’s Social Security

A child with ADD/ADHD can have their life enhanced with Social Security Benefits. It is worth the effort.  Social Security Benefits will provide access to treatment and professionals that State programs do not provide.
Services a Child Could Not Otherwise Obtain
The cash benefit supports services to benefit the child that could not be obtained otherwise. Group and individual counseling can provide the child the insight, tools and self understanding to move forward in a academic environment, […]

Tardive Dyskinesia – Do You Have a Lawsuit

Tardive Dyskinesia – Do You Have a Lawsuit
Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder was recognized as a mood disorder in 2012.  Medication treating this disorder can lead to Tardive Kyskinesia.  Children who have outbursts three or more times a week may be diagnosed with this disorder.  After 10 years of debate, in December 2012, psychiatrists approved updates to their diagnostic manual of mental illnesses, including the addition of Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder.
Reglan, a medication used to treat […]

Social Security Benefits

Social Security payments were received by about 58 million American in February with an the average benefit of $1,249.55  per month.  However, not all Americans actually received Social Security.  Three percent of those aged 60-89 in 2015 did receive no benefits.
Here’s the breakdown:

Workers who do not have sufficient earnings to qualify for the benefits: 44.3%
Immigrants have not worked long enough arriving here at 50 or older: 37.3%
State and local government employees: 11.4%
Beneficiaries […]

79 Percent First Time Applicants Denied for SSDI

At least 79% of first-time applicants for SSDI are denied.
The applicant then has 60 days to appeal – with a wait time as long as two years an appellate review.

During that time the applicant will have no medical insurance and no money coming in.  Many applicants have died during the time for lack of health insurance.

While medical records for SSDI patients should be provided at no cost pursuant to law, patients then must engage in follow-up treatment […]

Disability Claim – 480 Day Wait on Average

Across the country, it takes an average of 480 days to get a judge’s ruling on a Social Security disability claim.

768,540 Americans –the figure as of year end –wait for a chance to plead their cases for benefits.

The slow pace of a few judges and an overwhelmed staff are key reasons that people seeking disability benefits here endure long waits for case resolution.

Social Security’s 1,177 administrative law judges hear appeals from applicants whose disability claims […]

MS and Social Security Disability

MS and Social Security Disability

The test imposed by the Social Security Administration for disability benefits is that the applicant cannot engage in “substantial gainful activity”.  Multiple Sclerosis disability benefits have a specific listing.

Listing 11.09A for Multiple Sclerosis.

In order to qualify pursuant to Listing 11.09A for Multiple Sclerosis two of the claimants extremities must be impaired. Coordination and walking ability will be evaluated.

In order to qualify for benefits under listing 11.09C, the patient must be able […]